Chía & sesame


Guaiac oil, petit grain, cabreuva, vetiver


Personal & home care, food ingredients, raw materials, animal nutrition, water treatment


BRC, ISO 9001, KOSHER, SMETA, ORGANICO EU, NOP, JAS. Super foods & Essential oils


Executive, operational, financial, accounting.


1 – Comprehension: Knowing what I should do, to whom I should deliver it, how I should do it.
2 – Capability: Achieve the expected result.
3 – Attitude: Be proactive, helpful, friendly, act with common sense and constant follow-up.


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At ALPACASA we work with chia and sesame seeds in their organic and conventional variant.

We work with small farmers to produce white and black sesame that are hand-harvested.
We provide technical support to small farmers in order to obtain product traceability and offer a healthy and high quality product.

We also cooperate closely with farmers, who cultivate on extensive mecanized areas to obtain conventional white sesame and chia.

We are NOP, EU, BRC,  ISO 9001, KOSHER, SMETA certified.

Contact us and learn more about our products and solutions. Our talented team will assist you so that you may offer quality and peace of mind to your customers.


Delivering essential oils is a synchronized coordination between a team of farmers, collectors, distillers, quality control and sales advisors.

Behind each product offered is a great effort of many families, especially in the Department of San Pedro, some 8000 families depend on the success of this economic sector.

ALPACASA’s production team carefully controls the processing parameters so that the final product of cabreuva, palo santo,
and vetiver is standardized according to procedures established in the ISO 9001 certification. The quality control department carefully homogenizes the product until it is adapted to the needs and specifications of each client.

After the sample is approved, our sales advisors coordinate with the quality control team the delivery of orders in a previously agreed time frame.


Since 2012 ALPACASA distributes fragrances and ingredients for the cosmetic and home care industry, as well as flavors for the food and animal nutrition industry.

Together with our partner FREY & LAU we offer fragrance and flavor development. We adapt your needs to evoke memories, emotions,
sensations and experiences of happiness, relax and stimulation in various ways to satisfy the organoleptic profile of consumers in your industry.

Since 2019 we distribute ingredients and food supplies for human consumption and animal nutrition.
We represent highly valued international brands recognized for their quality and technical support.


In the search for transparency for our customers and suppliers as well as with our team, in 2013 the company decided to start documenting the different internal processes through a quality management system which can be verified by an external entity ensuring the truthfullness of all processes, this resulted in 2014 in obtaining our first certificate under the International Standard ISO 9001.

Today ALPACASA continues to be certified under the latest version of ISO 9001: 2015, evidencing its commitment to quality and transparency.
We continue to work hand in hand with small producers from various departments of the country such as: San Pedro, Concepción, Boquerón, Itapuá and Caazapá through organic projects to cultivate sesame, chia, petit grain, vetiver.

Farmers work in harmony with the environment without the use of chemicals or similar products, their plots are certified under the rigorous international standards of: EU, NOP and JAS for organic production.

With a focus on continuous improvement, our company made the decision in 2018 to implement a management system to guarantee the safety of its products, thus, in 2019 the British Retail Consortium (BRC) of the United Kingdom, after a extensive audit, granted us  the certification for BRC Food mangement and safety.



ALPACASAs administrative team keeps the necessary authorizations, registrations in government entities, tax obligations, periodic reports to regulatory entities, up to date; so that production does not stop.

In our business it is essential to maintain order and discipline in all areas and thus have an adequate flow of resources.

We issue stock bonds through the Asuncion Stock Market. Therefore, the CNV requires us to maintain clear accounts for our investors.

ALPACASA generates direct work for 150 families and indirectly for approximately 1,000 families among small farmers and suppliers, mainly in the Department of San Pedro.

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