Maximizing success through Strategic Planning

At ALPACASA, strategic planning is more than a process; it is a continuous commitment to our purpose: Well-being from the source.

Planning allows us to foresee situations and proactively address them, to trace the path for our next steps and to define guidelines to adapt in an agile and efficient way to constant market changes.

Joining forces to define objectives

The commitment to planning requires first sharing the team’s experiences and results throughout the year and then defining long, medium, and short-term objectives based on those lessons learned.

Thus, each department of ALPACASA plays a key role in strategic planning and brings different perspectives together, allowing us to have a comprehensive vision.

We are convinced that teamwork is essential and although each area develops specific budgets and execution plans, synergy is necessary to move in the same direction.

Constant Growth

Thanks to the strategic vision that guides our day-to-day operations and the team’s ability to make precise execution adjustments whenever necessary, ALPACASA achieved a 60% year-on-year growth in grain production and rotation.

This success highlights our progress in the right direction and raises expectations for the future. At ALPACASA, taking on challenges is a constant for our growth

Beyond the Numbers

The execution of our strategic planning not only translates into positive numbers but also drives our path toward sustainability.

Every year, ALPACASA places special focus on promoting access to education in its main area of influence, the Department of San Pedro. Our success is intrinsically linked to the wellbeing of the community and we are constantly working to make further progress in this area.

Challenges of 2024

We see post-pandemic uncertainty, the stagnant economy in the northern hemisphere and increasing demands for quality as challenges for this year. We also see them as opportunities for growth that allow us to strengthen and evolve.

¡Planning is key!